Greater Manchester Fringe 2015


Arisha’s OK Cabaret: An Operatic Extravaganza
How do you sing when the world stops?

Join Arisha as they hop across the pond to learn opera in the shiny of Oklahoma City. They battle auditions, acapella harmonies, and they finally find a space where they belong. Their life turns into a broadway fairytale, what could possibly go wrong???

March 12th 2020 the campus is ordered to shut down the next day, Friday the 13th, they run through campus finding everyone they love to tell them goodbye.

Their life is completely uprooted, unhoused, they rely on their community for support. They stay in New Mexico with a friend, put in emergency housing to complete their studies, and eventually made it back to Manchester safe enough to sing the tale.

This autobiographical musical revue uses a mix of aria, jazz standards, musical theatre and pop music to explore displacement and homelessness in times of crisis, found family and the strength of queer relationships.

Event Details

Genre: Musical

Sonata Piano & Cabaret Lounge

Wed 19th Jul 19:00

60 mins





19 July 7.00pm (60 mins)

Sonata Piano & Cabaret Lounge

Full Price: £12

Conc: £6


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