Greater Manchester Fringe 2015


Fruit Salad

One pub. Two girls. Too many nights to forget.
Fruity by name, fruity by nature…

Fruit Salad follows Cherry and Peaches who became friends because of their unusual, fruity names; and went on to form a very close bond over the years. From their late teens until their late twenties, they meet at the same pub to catch up over cheap wine.

Over the course of the play, their paths start to spiral away from each other, as they go through the challenges of university, relationship issues and one of them struggles with substance abuse and her mental health, which fractures their friendship. But can their bond pull them both through even the trickiest situations?

Fruit Salad blends heartbreaking moments with humour to create a love story of sorts about an unlikely but beautiful friendship.

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Genre: Theatre

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Wed 1st Sep - Thu 30th Sep 0:00

60 mins





Available from 1 September to 30 September 60 mins)

GMF Digital Events

Full Price: £8

Conc: £6


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