Greater Manchester Fringe 2015


Practice of Zen
On a roof webbed with fish-bone antenna, a child with a superhero blanket cape was brought to the realm of Wuxia by a leaf. He took in all the tangling of impermanence with resentment, lust with karma, in the martial world. Now he is back, but thousands of years have passed. Experience the spirit of Wuxia: not a fairytale for grownups, but a medium to evoke thinking between the personal and the social. Theatre Ronin fuses the contemporary emotional landscape and folklore.

Written, Directed and Designed by Alex Tam Hung Man
Cast | Cheung Lee Hung Holmes, Leung Ho Pong, Chan Ting Hin Henry, Chiu Lo Yin, Karen Chan, Musette Tsang
Voiceover Readings/English Translation | Cheryl Yung
Lighting Design | Zoe Cheung
Music and Sound Design | Maj Chan
Costume Design | Cindy Ho
Video Recording | Chan Tze Woon
Editor | Kwok Chun Yui
Cinematography | Mike Mak, Law Hoi Ki Ivan, Chan Tze Woon, Kwok Chun Yui
Producer | Lam Pik Chi Jessie
Production Manager | Carvid Ngai

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Genre: Theatre

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Fri 1st Jul - Sun 31st Jul 0:00

90 mins





Available from 1 July to 31 July 90 mins)

C ARTS | C venues | C digital

Full Price: £10

Conc: £5


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