Greater Manchester Fringe 2015


The Crisp Review: LIVE
Adam Evans returns with a new and improved recipe for The Crisp Review: LIVE, nominated for 'Best Theatre' and 'Best Newcomer' at the Greater Manchester Fringe 2022! The show documents the rise, fall and rise again of one of lockdown's most lingering cultural movements with some stand-up comedy, a showcase of reviews old and new and - of course - free gourmet crisps for every audience member!

"dry wit and self-effacing humour... an hour of crisp-themed chortles" - ★★★★ (North West End)
"The Louis Theroux of crisps" (Serious Pig)

Instagram: @the_crispreview
TikTok: @adamevanscomedy

About The Crisp Review: As the unending expanse of the pandemic stretched out before him, Adam set out to achieve one thing: receive crisps to taste, for free, from crisp manufacturers. Thus, The Crisp Review was born. Using his thorough, if fairly confusing, T.A.S.T.E system (Texture, Amount, Satisfied?, Taste and Economy) Adam diligently reviewed crisp after crisp, only occasionally giving up several times in his quest for that elusive free crunch. 18 months and over 50 reviews later, a box arrived containing seven free packets and an overwhelming sense of success.

Event Details

Genre: Comedy

The Kings Arms Theatre

Fri 21st Jul - Sat 22nd Jul 21:00

45 mins





21 July 9.00pm (45 mins)

The Kings Arms Theatre

Full Price: £7.50

Conc: £5

22 July 9.00pm (45 mins)

The Kings Arms Theatre

Full Price: £7.50

Conc: £5


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